Mobile Application and Web Development

Mobile apps are slowly taking over. If a business wants to stay competitive, it has to be prepared for users who use their smartphones 24/7.

Gain a Competitive Edge with a Mobile Application

Take advantage of the fact that users are spending more and more time with smartphones. More and more businesses are realizing that an effective mobile app strategy is the new way to gain a competitive edge and reach users.

Mobile apps are more accessible, faster and more user-friendly than webpages opened in mobile browsers. That’s why they are great for reaching users effectively and boosting the prestige of your business.

Why Mobile Applications?

A Marketing Channel

Statistics show that when a mobile app of a given company is downloaded by the user, that user will be much more committed to that company.

Push Notifications

The opening rate for push notifications from mobile apps, within minutes: 90%. By contrast, the opening rate of emails is less than 10%.

Fast and Convenient

Apps not only have an appealing design, the built-in features help smooth operation, contributing to an enhanced user experience.

Higher Prestige

Developing a quality mobile app is a great way to increase the prestige of your company.


iOS Development

Surprisingly elegant and sophisticated interfaces can be designed for the iOS platform. Appearance here lends your company prestige and quality.

Android Development

The Android platform is by far the most used and fastest developing mobile platform. Why miss out on the potential?

Graphic Design

Without a graphic design, you cannot create an appealing logo or a well-functioning, successful web store. Design is an important element in advertising and marketing communication.

Web Development

We build websites that are not only good-looking but user friendly, too. In addition, their mobile-optimized operation and short page loading time will appeal to visitors.

Custom Software Development

Many issues can't be solved with a ready-made software –or only in an unfeasible, complicated way. A custom online-based or Windows-based software can save you a lot of time and energy.

Social Media

Reach users easily on the most popular marketing platforms: Facebook, Email Marketing, Chatbots, Pinterest, YouTube, Mobile Apps.

Latest Apps


Official mobile application of the International Powerlifting Federation


Official mobile application for Marvel Team SE


Official mobile application of IPF Points


Search for defibrillator devices in Békéscsaba


Order and pay through the app to get your favorite food without having to stand in line


You can check how many cars are waiting for you in your favorite car wash



Xantus Hungary


Csaba Kártya

Wenckheim kerékpárút


How Do We Work Together?

Phase 1: Designing

Through a personal or telephone consultation, we assess your needs and see how we can deliver the best user experience for your purpose.

Phase 2: Development

After designing the wireframe of the application, the development of the app will begin and a test version containing the functionality will be completed.

Phase 3: Testing

Development is followed by a systematic testing of the nearly complete application to ensure that the highest quality app is delivered to the customer.

Phase 4: Introduction

Collaboration will not end when the app is completed, as we will help you make the finished mobile app visible to potential users.



Our Clients

Our Clients

Frequently Asked Questions

The development time of a mobile application is mainly determined by two things: the complexity of the functions to be developed and the graphical requirements.

Generally speaking, a prototype application will be completed within a few weeks after we start working together and your needs have been fully explored.

For simpler applications, development will be completed within 3-5 weeks.

On the other hand, more complex and graphically challenging applications require 3-4 months for the app to go to mobile stores (App Store, Google Play).

The cost of developing a mobile application is unique in each case as the final price can be influenced by several factors. We can finalize our quotation once your needs and ideas have been fully discussed.

The price of the simplest introductory apps varies between 100.000-200.000 HUF. For larger projects, you have to expect the final price amounting to hundreds of thousands of Forints, depending on the features of the app. In case of complex applications (individual development, administration interface) the development cost reaches 1-2 million HUF. Our prices also include the introduction and release to the App Store for iOS applications and Google Play for Android apps.

The price of application development can be influenced by the following factors:

  • Which platform (iOS, Android, or both)?
  • What features and infrastructures are needed in the app (ordering process, online payment, push notifications, navigation, reservation system, calculators, event wall, etc.)?
  • What design elements will be provided?

Already in the preparatory / development phase, we are presenting working prototypes which already contain various functions. In the middle phase of the development, there are developer versions that can be delivered to the customer’s device via Testflight (iOS) or the closed-group Google Play (Android) interface.

One of the most obvious ways to determine if a development company has done its homework on a project lying ahead is to check how well-prepared they are for the meeting.

Do they have any ideas or suggestions for the work they are about to do?

We can assure you that the B-Labs team will welcome you with suggestions and ideas right from the very first meeting.

We will continue working together after the application has been completed and tested. It is very important to make the completed app visible to users. We will roll out apps developed for the iOS platform to the App Store, and do the same with Android apps to appear on the Google Play Store.

We provide 1 year warranty on the mobile applications we make.

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