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Thanks to the explosive spread of smartphones who want to stay competitive will soon be thinking about the importance of mobile applications.

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Smartphone has become a part of everyday life in our country too. At home, more than 4 million people use day-to-day mobile devices, in addition to the basic functions, many other useful or useless things. We can say people became mobile addicted. Most people while waiting or having a few minutes of free time, they will start to use their mobile phones. Mobile Applications became more and more important. Mobile Application Development has brought developers new challenges, because the mobile app needs a completely different approach than a desktop application.



Android mobile application development (Android, Googles mobile operating system, which has also opened up open source for mobile phonesApple IOS

Apple IOS

iPhone iPad Mobile Application Development (Apples mobile operating system for iOS, characterized by strictly controlled and quality-assured applicationsGraphic Design

Graphic Design

Without a graphic design you cannot create a nice logo or a well-functioning successful webshop. Design is the key element in advertising and marketing communication! We can help in this!

Website development

We create websites for companies, institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals, taking into consideration individual needs.

Development of Online Software

An individualized online software can solve a number of problems; the essence is to meet exactly what You expect.

Community media

There are countless communication channels available to address your customers: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Pinterest, YouTube, Email Marketing Newsletter, Push Notification


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Official Mobile Application of the International Strengthening Association
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Marvel Team SE

The official mobile application of Marvel Team SE.
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Official Mobile Application of the American SSP Food Supplement Company
Portfolio 1


Powerman handles powerlifting equipment sales
Portfolio 1


Send a real postcard with Sendcard
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My canvas image

Custom canvas can be created by the application
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Official Application of the Hungarian Power Booster Association
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IPF Points

Csabai Nyar
Portfolio 1

Official mobile application of Csaba Nyar 2019.

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Search for Resuscitation Defibrillator Devices in Bekescsaba



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